Winter Spectacular! (2018-2019SY)

The Kindergarten students told the story of winter through music in this wonderful production of Winter Spectacular!

Song List:

Blitzen’s Boogie (Music K-8)

Hat for my Snowman (Music K-8)

5 Little Snowman (Lynn Kleiner)

Jingle Bell Rock

10 Little Snowflakes

Snowflakes, Snowflakes

Some of the Georgia Standards of Excellence that were met through this performance:

  • ESGMK.CR.2 Compose and arrange music within specified guidelines.
  • ESGMK.PR.1 Sing a varied repertoire of music, alone and with others.
  • ESGMK.PR.2 Perform a varied repertoire of music on instruments, alone and with others.
  • ESGMK.RE.1 Listen to, analyze, and describe music.
  • ESGMK.RE.2 Evaluate music and music performances
  • ESGMK.RE.3 Move to a varied repertoire of music, alone and with others.


Concepts/Objectives: Students worked on beat motions using body percussion in Blitzen’s Boogie and Hat for my Snowman. Students also practiced choreographed non-locomotive movement. In 10 Little Snowflakes and 5 Little Snowmen, students worked on echo-singing in their head voices. Students improvised in C pentatonic on glockenspiels for Snowflakes, Snowflakes and used jingle bells to keep a steady beat and feel the pulse of the music during Jingle Bell Rock.  All of the music gave the students a chance to hear music in various tempos, timbres and tonality.


Unfortunately, the videos for this performance didn’t work! Here are some before pictures!