Jungle Beat (2017-2018SY)

In the first grader’s performance of Jungle Beat they lead the audience on a musical jungle adventure.

Song List:

*All songs were taken from Lynn Kleiner’s Jungle Beat

Jungle Beat

We’re Going to the Jungle Today

Elephant Rap (Adapted)

Sixty Inches of Rain

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Some of the Georgia Standards of Excellence that were met through this performance:

  • ESGM1.CR.1 Improvise melodies, variations, and accompaniments.
  • ESGM1.CR.2 Compose and arrange music within specified guidelines.
  • ESGM1.PR.1 Sing a varied repertoire of music, alone and with others.
  • ESGM1.PR.2 Perform a varied repertoire of music on instruments, alone and with others.
  • ESGM1.RE.1 Listen to, analyze, and describe music.
  • ESGM1.RE.2 Evaluate music and music performances.
  • ESGM1.RE.3 Move to a varied repertoire of music, alone and with others.
  • ESGM1.CN.2 Connect music to history and culture.


Concepts/Objectives: In Jungle Beat, students create animal sound effects to accompany the song as well as played rhythmic patterns using the tubano drums. Students used un-pitched percussion instruments to play along with rhythmic patterns in We’re Going to the Jungle Today and sang accompanied in their head voices. Students work on beat motions and non-locomotive movement using the Elephant Rap and improvised a thunderstorm using body percussion before singing the simple song Sixty Inches of Rain. Students expressed form patterns using scarves in The Lion Sleeps Tonight.