PTA Performances

3 Piggy Opera

by Carol Kaplan and Sandi Becker

On October 6th at 6:30PM First Grade students will perform the musical stylings of The 3 Piggy Opera. Students have learned all about the elements of Opera; Like how an Opera is musical story, an Aria is a very emotional song and a Finale is a song to end the show. I first introduced students to the 3 Piggy Opera by reading the story of the 3 Little Pigs. We discussed the elements of the story and began learning movements and words songs; such as “The Wolf Song” and “The No Way” pig song. First Grade is having a blast learning about and performing this silly, and a little bit scary, musical!

**Important Information**

When is the show? October 6th

What time do I arrive with my child? Begin arriving in the Music Room at 5:30PM

What time does the show start? The show begins at 6:30 – after the PTA meeting

What does my student need to wear? Please wear pink shirts and black pants/skirts

Email me for questions or for a practice track:

Cast Members:

**A special shout out to all the students who tried out and gave it their best! Everyone did such a great job!

Big Bad Wolves: Morgan Russell,  Ja’Kyree Elder

Straw Pig: Robyn Djomoah

Stick Pig: Alyssa Stallion

Brick Pig: Jonathan Delgado

Straw Peddlers: Ja’Riya Patternson, Hazel Marie Hinton

Stick Peddlers: Dedrick Peters, Sumayah Kendall

Brick Peddlers: Gabrielle Williams, Jonathan Alonso Altamirano

Mama Pig: Moyinolewa Olajide

Papa Pig: Mekhi McKethen

Chorus: First Grade