August 22nd-26th

I began with a rhythm stick pattern and the students joined in when they were ready. We then echoed the poem and added our names!

(Our rhythm stick pattern: pat on the floor 2X, click together 2X)


We then reviewed “Hickory, Dickory Dock” from the previous week with the motions. Students performed the movements independently while the teacher played “tick tock” on the wood block. Students then created an ostinato by chanting “tick tock” while I chanted the poem. We then passed the wood blocks around playing “tick tock” while I accompanied on the Bass Xylophone. Finally, we added a glissando on a glockenspiel on the phrases ‘up the clock’ and ‘mouse ran down.’

We then sang a song called “Stop and Listen” where students had to determine how many beats of rest there were. We sang the song using claps to demonstrate the rests and then added a B section. We discussed form and patterns in music and created an ABA pattern. For Part A, students clapped only in the rests and for part B students clapped a steady beat along with the piano music (no singing). We then added various unpitched instruments such as maracas, hand drums, and triangles and discussed timbres and instrument families (wood, skin, metal).