Music Centers

First Grade participated in their first round of music centers. They did a great job and brushed up on lots of music skills!

Station #1:

Students learned the song we worked on in the previous week, Big Black Cats, on the xylophones. The students had to find the correct notes of the song as well as try and sing along. I had the students playing in ‘practice mode’ (stick side of the mallet) to keep it quieter.

Station #2:

Each student received a bag full of music baseball cards (with Sol-Mi patterns) and a 3 line staff card as well as 4 black disks. Students notated their baseball cards onto their 3 line staffs.

Station #3:

Students were looking for quarter notes, quarter rests and eighth notes inside the pumpkin picture and then coloring them the correct color.

Station #4:

Inside of the listening room, students were listening to the story ‘A Jazzy Day’ and learning about the instruments of jazz. The app is interactive and allows students to touch and play instruments as well as hear jazz music and interact with the characters of the story.