Music Activities

Simple Songs

I’ve started using the John Feierabend curriculum more this year and we’ve been working on echoing and using our head voices. I added the puppets for some extra fun and also some Arioso practice where we distinguish between speaking and singing.



School Year: 2018-2019

Music Activities

What Are We Up to in Music Class?

During the month of October, students worked with various unpitched percussion instruments. Unpitched means that the instrument only has one distinct sound and can only play that sound. Students also worked on Xylophones; practicing mallet technique and steady beat. We also read a story about rhythm and different places on your body where you can keep the beat.


Pictured Above: Soprano Glockenspiel, Ratchet, Tambourine, Cow Bell, Triangle, Wood Block, Maraca, Claves, Coconut Shells


The Bass Xylophone


“I Got The Rhythm”


School Year: 2015-2016