Music Activities

Song Games

These are just a few examples of song games that the students love! They usually ask to do these multiple times a year.

The Cuckoo (Gameplan K)

This is a good one for assessing pitch matching!

Go All Around the Village (Gameplan 1)

This is a great one for a quick steady beat assessment!


School Year: 2017-2018

Music Activities

Irish Folk Dancing

Resource: Phyllis Weikart, Teaching Movement and Dance

Song: Rakes of Mallow

This is an Irish Dance we did the week before St.Patricks day. We talked briefly about Ireland and the origins of St.Patrick’s day and I showed them a couple videos of Irish Dancing before we learned this traditional folk dance.

Yes, the boys are playing with invisible light sabers, and they were being a little silly this day. Not their best video, but sometimes you just have to let kids be kids. At least we were enjoying ourselves and they did a good job at keeping on the steady beat!

School Year: 2018-2019

Music Activities


Resource: Mallets ‘N More by Gloria Fuoco-Lawson


  1. Teacher sings song. Students listen for repeated words.
  2. Isolate “pops” and have students insert.
  3. Clap on “pops.” Solicit the class for variations; such as, pat, tap head, tap floor, etc.
  4. Students find personal space among the room and jump on “pops.” I lead a short discussion on what popcorn would look like popping in the microwave or on a stove.
  5. Transfer “pops” to any three notes in D pentatonic. This is a chance for students to do guided improvisation.

I don’t have enough instruments for everyone, so I allow students waiting for a turn on the xylophones to play on a shaker. Make sure to remind them to continue to sing on the “pops!” Mind forget sometimes when they are engrossed in the instruments.

School Year: 2018-2019

Music Activities

Rest & Relaxation

Sometimes students just need to be still and calm. What a better way to teach them then through peaceful music! I have them lay down and even close their eyes if they please. Students are not allowed to talk and I tell them to lay as still as possible. This is Kindergarten, so they do get a little squirmy sometimes! Before I begin the activity, I tell them to reflect on the day, their families, what they’ll do this weekend, or things that make them happy. It’s a good time for them to reflect and also learn how to make themselves feel good when they’re just not having a good day (Which, hey! Everyone has bad days)! Everyone could use this in their lives!


Music: Clair De Lune by Claude Debussy

School Year: 2018-2019

Music Activities

Rhythm Practice

One of the ways I have students practice their rhythm reading and writing is through this rhythm center. Students get music dice and popsicle sticks; I bought blank wooden dice from Michaels and drew quarter notes, eighth notes and quarter rests on them. These are inexpensive and so easy to make! The students roll their dice and create a 4-beat rhythmic pattern. I then have them write their pattern using popsicle sticks, which allows them to see the rhythm in stick notation vs. the traditional notation written on the dice. I leave out some un-pitched percussion instruments (such as egg shakers) and allow students to read and play their rhythms. Sometimes I allow them to create longer rhythms or create one with an elbow partner.


School Year: 2018-2019