Music Activities


Resource: Mallets ‘N More by Gloria Fuoco-Lawson


  1. Teacher sings song. Students listen for repeated words.
  2. Isolate “pops” and have students insert.
  3. Clap on “pops.” Solicit the class for variations; such as, pat, tap head, tap floor, etc.
  4. Students find personal space among the room and jump on “pops.” I lead a short discussion on what popcorn would look like popping in the microwave or on a stove.
  5. Transfer “pops” to any three notes in D pentatonic. This is a chance for students to do guided improvisation.

I don’t have enough instruments for everyone, so I allow students waiting for a turn on the xylophones to play on a shaker. Make sure to remind them to continue to sing on the “pops!” Mind forget sometimes when they are engrossed in the instruments.

School Year: 2018-2019

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